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You woke up on something, which looks like a graveyard.

It's cold...

There's pure darkness...

And there's rain, of course...

You try to remember your name, but no chance.

Something is different... Feels different...

You feel different.

It seems the weather is getting worse. It is high time to find some shelter.

Let the signs give you some guidance. 

The story

Experience an exciting journey in a surreal world, fight for your name, your social status and to survive. Leave the arena as a winner, with money, a lot of loot and hopefully a good speedrun time. Retry to improve, test different weapons, loadouts and skillsets. Battle your friends and show them, how fast you are!

The current state

The gameplay loop is already fully implemented, so you can enjoy the beginning of the story, the item grind for BiS, and the fights against the first 4 bosses. Furthermore these bosses are replayable, so you can try out different tactics each time. There might be a glitch here and there, but no game breaking bugs, hopefully. If you find one, please report it to me, so I can fix it.

The features (already implemented)

  • Unique plot
  • Weather
  • Day/Night cycle
  • Decisions which matter (3 far-reaching decisions already in the game)
  • Arena fights
  • 4 bosses (Bat, Crab, Duck, Elephant)
  • 150+ unique items to loot/craft/upgrade
  • Item rarities (Common, Magic, Rare, Epic, Legendary)
  • Weapon sets for 1H/2H with unique behavior (Axe, Bow, Hammer, Spear, Sword)
  • Armor sets (Light, Heavy)
  • 5 Magic skills (Orb, Laser, Stunpowder, Landmine, Invisibility)
  • Speedrun timer
  • Vendor (Buy/Sell)
  • Blacksmith (Craft/Upgrade)
  • Trainer (Skillsets)
  • Leaderboard (incl. boss retry mechanic)
  • Altar (to progress the story)
  • Save/Load functionality
  • Keybind functionality
  • Well thought-out sounds

The planned features

  • More bosses, obviously
  • Additional weapons (e.g. daggers, shield)
  • Next iteration of magic skills
  • Proceeding story
  • Buffs and debuffs for player and enemies
  • More NPCs
  • More/more polished animations
  • Random elements in arena per encounter
  • Enchantment item drops, vendor items, craftables
  • Enchantment slots for weapons and armor
  • Resistances for armor
  • Different loot depending on the weapon you used for the kill
  • Hitbox variation (e.g. critical hits from behind)
  • Achievements (Ingame/Steam)
  • Camera cutscenes for boss introductions
  • Vendor item restock variations
  • Armor set depending player appearance
  • Graphics settings to adjust resolution and details
  • Performance optimizations 

Trailer Credits
Trailer Intro Theme
Creator: GregorQuendel

Trailer Radio Search
Creator: mwirth

Trailer Battle Theme
Creator: Sirkoto51


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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Alphabetical Order 0.1.4 143 MB
Alphabetical Order 0.1.4 143 MB

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